Utility Control Cables

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These controls and cables are ideally suited for applications where the mechanism requires much force to actuate it. Simply push (or pull) the handle or knob to the correct setting. The 30L cables are for relatively light-weight applications while the 30Xtreme is for moderate applications.  The 40Xtreme Hi-Load is for heavy-weight, high-load requirement applications.
The Xtreme technology incorporates splines on the core to allow it to run smoothly and efficiently. It is the best solution for this type of application because it provides for significantly better control of the equipment than other control products.

  • Single piece construction for solid control.
  • Numerous terminations are available to suit a wide variety of installation types.
  • Broad range of Hardware and Connections kits is available.
  • Large T-handle and Knobs to make it easy for gloved hands to operate.
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