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The Prime Line Controls Vernier Cable is a simple and highly reliable control for throttle setting and other micro and macro adjustments. It has many applications in road construction equipment, gen-sets, air compressors, and other mobile and stationary equipment. It is rugged, can withstand significant vibration and still maintain its setting.


Its operation is straight-forward. Simply pull it to a general throttle setting and then fine-tune the setting by turning the knob. Then tighten the clamp to maintain the setting even in high vibration applications. To release it for a different setting or for shut-down, press the button and make a new setting. Fine tune the setting by turning the knob to the new set point.
It ships in two pieces to facilitate assembly. Instead of passing the entire cable through the panel, after routing the cable, simply connect the Vernier Head to the cable and tighten the nut. It has a standard 75 mm (3”) travel. Other travel lengths are easily accommodated by using a different cable or using a cable stop to optimize each system or piece of equipment. Standard cable lengths between 50 cm and 20 m are available. Other lengths can be made to suit particular needs.


  • Fast and simple installation.
    – It can be mounted independently to the dash and then connected to the cable on the other side. This saves time and effort thus saving money and installation pain.
  • Large Knob
    – It is easy to grab, even with gloves. It has 6 ¼ turns per inch. This allows for faster and finer control of settings and RPM.
  • Positive Adjustable Brake
    – Precise settings are maintained by applying the correct amount of friction on the brake. This ensures that the RPM or setting will not
    drift even in high vibration environments. The brake helps to save fuel and keep the equipment operating at peak efficiency.
  • Fast Shutdown
    – Simply depress the button while pushing in the knob for immediate shutdown. This makes for a safe and effective shutdown to prevent equipment malfunction or damage and to avoid unsafe operating conditions.
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