Hand Controls

Hand Controls from Prime Line Industrial Controls are designed for abusive environments and rugged applications. They stand up to extreme temperatures, humid conditions and are all-weather.They are available in single- and dual-action/ function and in single lever and dual lever configurations. Single action/function controls are for a single function or action for either variable settings like throttle, choke, valve position or discrete positions like power take-off, valve fully open or fully closed, and fuel shut-off.Dual action/function controls are for controlling two separate functions from the same lever connected to two cables. Through the design of the mechanism, a single lever can control one discrete and one variable function. Shift and throttle function would be a good example of a dual function, single lever mechanism.Both top-mounted and side-mounted are available. Because of our broad product range, we most probably have an off-the-shelf solution to meet your control needs.
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