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Tilt Steering Mechanisms

Tilt Steering Applications and Installations

  • Yard Cranes and Haulers,
  • Material Handling Equipment,
  • Wheel Loaders and Excavators,
  • Mobile Drills,
  • Forestry Equipment,
  • Works with our Optimus Steer-by-wire, and
  • Any vehicle with a dash-mounted steering wheel.

These tilt mechanisms deliver unsurpassed performance and flexibility for nearly every type of vehicle. And they offer improved comfort and reduced fatigue. With five angle positions, the steering wheel has a wide range of adjustments for different operators. They are designed for dash-mounting.

With their appealing looks and durability, they will give dash boards improved looks and will last, in abusive environments, for many years to come.


  • Pre-loaded dual taper bearings ensures
    minimal excess free play.
  • Smooth operation and feel.
  • Shaft seals prevent water ingress.
  • 48 degrees of tilt articulation.
  • 5 Positive lock positions.
  • Maintenance free.
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